Life Enrichment Activities Bring “All Smiles” During COVID-19

The best thing you can do for another human being is to help them feel happy, loved and respected. At Ocean Springs, we do our best to ensure our residents feel that way every single day. Though COVID-19 has changed our daily routines, it’s also given us a fresh perspective and helped us find better ways to connect with our residents. 

Our centers have been hard at work (and play) developing exciting activities to keep our residents social and happy while their families are unable to join us inside the center. It’s all hands on deck to come up with fun, engaging activities our residents can enjoy while following social distancing guidelines.

We’d like to give a thank you to our Life Enrichment Officer, Nichole Dillinger, for contributing all her efforts to making these activities happen for our residents. Likewise Caitlin, Terra and Bobby have been outstanding life enrichment team members as they share one-on-one time with our residents. We’d also like to shine a spotlight on our chef, Victor, and dietitian, Jenna. They’ve proven themselves creative both in and out of the kitchen as they not only make delicious snacks for our activities but also proffer ideas for nonfood events as well.

Spreading love with tailored craft carts and plenty of social time

It’s easy to feel lonely and isolated, especially during these trying times. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve replaced large group gatherings with one-on-one visits with our residents each day. Our life enrichment team makes custom craft carts filled to the brim with books, hobbies, activities and games. Resident response to these personalized interactions has been overwhelming, and seeing heartfelt, handwritten thank-you notes posted to our community bulletin boards has become a welcome sight. 

We’ve also modified our much-loved group activities so they can still be enjoyed. Here are just a few examples of what we’re doing:

  • Hallway bingo
  • Jewelry auction carts
  • Popsicle and snow-cone carts
  • Staff themed dress-up days

Keeping families close and connected

Our residents love visitors, and we understand how important it is for families to stay connected. So we’ve come up with a few unique ways to help our residents see beloved family members safely. Scheduled drive-by parades and window visits are just some of the ways we’re trying to keep families close.

image of two people “holding hands” on a window

A simple pane of glass is all that separates our residents and their families during pandemic-safe window visits. It’s heartwarming to watch families show their love through messages, balloons, songs and window kisses. Though hugs and kisses will have to wait, giving our residents and their families the opportunity to see each other in-person has been a blessing.

We believe you’re never too old to have fun. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering comprehensive programs to enrich the emotional, social, spiritual, physical and educational dimensions of wellness for everyone in our care. 

If you’d like to learn more about our life enrichment activities, get involved or find out how to become an Ocean Springs resident, please call 228-875-9363.