Optum and Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center Partner for Patients

Optum and Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center Bring Peace of Mind

As the country continues to navigate the tumultuous waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center – in direct partnership with Optum – has kept patients out of the hospital and away from the emergency room by providing an extra level of care to their already comprehensive treatment plan. Optum, as they have for the last five years, provided Ocean Springs with advanced practice clinicians (APCs) to help our medical teams assist with the needs of our patients. These nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants were an extra set of much needed hands, helping prescribe treatment plans and administering preventive care to reduce hospital stays as the pandemic unfolds.

These APCs were able to join at a truly crucial time, but thanks to the trust and foundation cultivated by Optum and Ocean Springs, they were able to cut the normal process time in half and double the amount of treatment provided. Our nursing home administrator, MaryAnne Loiselle, spoke highly of Optum’s efforts, particularly as they pertained to the APC’s abilities to keep patient’s families up to date with their treatment plan. This is thanks to Optum’s advanced digital platform and telemedicine services, which provides patients with a wide variety of resources and healthcare tools.

Advanced practice clinicians save lives

Nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants can work with any doctor on the medical team, so residents at Ocean Springs did not need to worry about losing their doctor or quality of care. In fact, just the opposite happened. With an added layer of treatment, patients had their care level doubled. Our APCs kept residents out the hospital and treated their less serious conditions, and the Optum policy waived the three-day hospital stay requirement, which keeps the patients calm and comfortable as they receive their care. This all culminates in a healthcare environment that is relaxed, efficient, and effective. Keeping our patients out of the overflowing emergency room or ICU was Optum and Ocean Springs’ number one priority.

About Optum and Ocean Springs

This accomplishment is the latest of many credited to the ongoing partnership between Optum and Ocean Springs. By placing APCs within Ocean Springs and other Gulf Coast Health Care facilities, Optum enables a quality of care that matches the age in which we live. Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center is forever dedicated to the health of our patients.

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