Staying Safe, Connected and Physically Distant

It’s not all business and medical care at Ocean Springs. We understand the importance of hope, love, laughter, family and friendships as well—and we believe these positive emotions are more important than ever. To keep things light and fun, our life enrichment team has been working hard to bring our patients unique experiences. In fact, they launched live entertainment a few weeks ago, and so far these parking lot shows have been a big hit.

“Everyone is working together to ensure our patients are happy and healthy during a time that could lead to depression. I am so blessed to work in a center in which everyone wants what’s best for our patients. There has been dancing in the halls and playing silly games as well as a lot of decorations, treats, smiles and laughter. We try to not dwell on the negative effects of COVID, but all positive moments in between.”  – Nichole, Life Enrichment Manager

How has the life enrichment program changed?

Our life enrichment team members have been hard at work (and play) developing new ways for our patients to have fun and stay engaged. They’re also filling the gap with more one-on-one interaction throughout the day until we can welcome friends and families once again. 

These men and women understand they’re temporarily filling some very big shoes, so they never come empty-handed. In fact, they thoughtfully pack their carts with each resident’s favorite activities, hobbies, books or crafts and visit each resident every day. Resident response to these enhanced personalized interactions has been overwhelmingly positive, and we love seeing their faces light up when we stop by for a visit.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic and the holiday season, we’re keeping our patients engaged while staying safe and following social distancing guidelines. For Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a delicious prime-rib lunch with all the fixings and plenty of pie. It was the first time our patients enjoyed a meal in our dining room in months. It took some scheduling to maintain approved physical distance, but we kept the mood light and decked the halls with festive decorations. 

“Despite restrictions due to Covid, I’ve been thinking outside the box more often. I want to provide patients with positive reminders that this too shall pass. That’s why I started putting holiday greeting cards, stickers, or fun pictures on their trays during meals” – Jenna, Dietitian

The holidays are always special at Ocean Springs, but this year we want to make it unforgettable, and, with the help of our Adopt-a-Resident program, it will be. We are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our community. They’ve truly gone above and beyond to ensure our patients know they are loved. 

How are patients staying socially connected to loved ones?

Our patients love visitors, and we know how important it is for families to stay connected. We’re helping our patients bond with beloved family members safely through FaceTime and scheduled porch visits.

FaceTime has been such a big hit that we can’t believe we weren’t taking advantage of the technology. It’s one of the best things to come out of this entire experience. 

How is Ocean Springs keeping their patients safe?

To ensure our patients are getting the care they need quickly and efficiently, we’ve concentrated on streamlining communications between our nursing staff and medical directors and our providers. It’s our mission to minimize their exposure to and risk of COVID-19, and we believe effective communication is a very important piece of that puzzle. 

Learn how Ocean Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center is keeping your loved ones safe, connected and physically distant during the pandemic. Call 228-875-9363 to speak to an admissions coordinator.